Home Office Goals & Top Tips For Working From Home

Home Office Goals

Due to the current circumstances (read Coronavirus outbreak), leaving the house for your job is not given anymore, but some of us are lucky enough to be able to work from home. However, spending the whole day in your own four walls can be quite challenging and it’s not that easy to maintain a work-life balance. Since my student job requires me to work from home (even before Corona), I’m going to share my personal tips with you later on.

Having a designated workspace feels like hitting the jackpot these days, and my top tip is to create an environment that is calm and inspires you. Sadly, my space doesn’t look like it does on my mood board, but in my perfect world, it might. I hope it inspires you to make the best of your working from home situation. How would your dream workspace look like?

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My top tips to tackle working from home

  1. Create an inspiring and calm working environment with as little distraction as possible.
  2. Get ready to an extend that makes you feel comfortable: whether it’s your complete business attire or a comfy loungewear set – but take a shower at least.
  3. While working in an office, leaving the desk and moving comes along with commuting, running from meeting to meeting and while getting your daily dose of caffeine in the office kitchen or the canteen. Remind yourself to stand up or do a little stretch at home as well, even if you wouldn’t have to move. An evening run or a walk has a huge positive effect on my mental health as well.
  4. Put your phone away (in case you don’t need it to do your work, obv.). Just because you don’t have to worry that your boss might catch you, having your phone next to you is still a dangerous thing. Before you know it, you are already going down a rabbit hole (trust me, I just discovered a new meme page last night and got stuck until 1am). I always put my phone in another room while working which works best for me.
  5. Don’t forget to drink water! It helps you to focus and be less tired. I always make sure to empty a 1l carafe before lunch and another one before dinner.
  6. While working in an office, we might be more aware of how we sit and our posture. When working from home, we might fall into the habit of sitting in weird positions and don’t realise that we are actually slouching. Try to remind yourself to have both feet on the floor and use the backrest of your chair while your arms are by your side. If you are working with a laptop, try to raise it up to eye level to avoid neck pain from constantly looking down – I often use a pile of books for this. If you can bring it that high you might need a separate keyboard.

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